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Microgeens and sprouts are organic and natural products, and even if they look weird or have an unusual taste, they bring a lot health benefits. Most germs and sprouts are living foods that contain significant amounts of nutrients. Therefore, more and more people are introducing these products into their daily diet.

We tried to identify all Moldovan producers of microgreens and sprouts and found out that over the past few years their number, as well as the demand for these products, has increased.

Seeds Germination at Home

The local brand Bio Eco Alimente is an importer of ecological seeds for germination of Italian origin, as well as a manufacturer of germinators, a new and unique product for Moldovan market.

The germinator is a hygienic and effective product made of glass and food-grade plastic that allows you to perform both phases - soaking and germination.

How it works: put 20 g of seeds (1.5 tablespoons) in the germinator jar, fill them with clean, filtered water and leave to soak for 6-8 hours. Then put on the cover of the germinator and drain the water. After this, the germinator must be set in draining position. Without removing the cover, the seeds should be washed 2-3 times a day and jar should be reset in draining position. The seeds germinate for 4-6 days.

The germinators are already sold in the supermarket chains Nr1 (Hypermarket on the viaduct, Ciocana (Mircea cel Batran str. 24) and Riscani (Alecu Russo str. 15)) and can be purchased for 72 lei 50 bans. For germination Bio Eco Alimente offers several mixtures of ecological seeds of Italian origin at a price of 30 lei (50 g). The germinator is easy to use and its shelf-life is indefinite.

Those who prefer microgreens or who don’t have time to germinate seeds at home can buy these products from three local brands: Sanatate'n verde viu, Papa’s Greens and Ador Plants.

Moldovan producers of microgreens and sprouts

The creator of the brand Sănătate'n Verde Viu is Lucia Gavrilita, a nutritionist and health educator who promotes a healthy lifestyle. The brand offers sunflower, alfalfa and peas sprouts grown using certified organic seeds purchased from Alexei Micu (ebio.md brand). Another product is the wheatgrass which can be used to make smoothies or juices. The wheatgrass juice is considered the most powerful detoxifying agent for the human body. Products can be bought online on the Facebook page: Sănătate'n verde viu or on Lucia Gavrilita’s blog.

Dmitry Plyuschev created the Papa's Greens brand that offers a wide variety of micro-plants, such as sunflower, pea, radish, clover, alfalfa, cilantro, borage, chard, basil, arugula and others. In the near future, consumers will have the possibility to find in stores two types of Papa's Greens mixes: Classic salad mix (sunflower, pea, clover and radish) and Spicy salad mix (sunflower, pea, radish and mustard). The entrepreneur uses the hydroponic growth system and the seeds are bought from the above mentioned brand, Bio Eco Alimente.

Ador Plants company has been active on the local market for several years now, offering mustard, broccoli, radish, peas and sunflower microgreens. Products are also natural and organic and are sold in packs of 70 and 150 grams. They are grown using aeroponic growing technology and are sold in environmentally friendly packaging. The company also grows and produces wheatgrass, as well as smoothies and shots that have detox properties and are extremely beneficial for human health. Ador Plants products can be found in the Nr1, Pegas, Fourchette and Metro stores They can also be purchased online on the Facebook page or on the official website of the company.

All these products were presented during the tasting of microgreens produced in Moldova, organized by Madein.md, an event in which participants had the opportunity to get acquainted with the producers and learn the useful properties of microgreens and sprouts.