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Fresh fruit and vegetables shipped from Moldova will soon have their own logo with the slogan "Special taste". The initiative came from the project "Agricultural Competitiveness and Enterprise Development (ACED)." The aim of introducing this logo is to promote the country's image as a producer of fresh fruit and vegetables. The logo has already been shown at three exhibitions, two in Russia (including World Food Moscow) and one in Moldova, and has been highly acclaimed by the public, the business community and Government representatives. The logo is also planned to demonstrate at the exhibition "Fruit Logistica 2013" in Berlin in February. 

Aurel Stratan, an ACED communication specialist and the developer of the project, said that the logo had not been registered yet, as first there would be a study among consumers.

All the rules concerning the use of the logo are presently being specified by ACED. The use of the logo on the label will be free, but the products must meet minimum quality standards. The logo will not be a substitute for any of the trademarks of Moldova, and has been designed to support the producers of fresh fruit and vegetables, including apples, grapes, peaches, plums, walnuts, tomatoes, etc. in the marketing of their products.