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Pets are one of the greatest joys of our life. When we return home after a busy day, it’s a special feeling when a four-legged friend is waiting for us at the door. Animals are those who teach us compassion and love, and also play an important role in lives of our children, by contributing to the development of their personal qualities and helping them to become more sociable.

Regardless if we are talking about dogs, cats, birds, rodents or reptiles, we want the pets we love to be happy and healthy, so we try to buy high-quality food and accessories that will make their lives more fun and interesting.

Madein.md team investigated the local market and found out what goods and accessories for pets are made by Moldovan companies.

Products for cats and dogs

Ecofruct is a small enterprise from the village of Iurceni, in Nisporeni district, and is the first Moldova to start the production of organic cat litter made using wood pellets, EcoSanCat. The litter is an environmentally friendly product, made exclusively from sawdust, without addition of binding impurities and substances. Such fillers are completely harmless to both domestic cats and the overall environment in the house. Pressed wood pellets have a diameter of 6-8 mm, they absorb efficiently moisture and odor. The price of the litter made in Moldova, is almost two times lower than the price of imported ones.

Moldovan brand Nikoli (created by Nicoletta Struna) offers a wide range of beds and lodges for cats and dogs, as well as a large selection of personalized pillows. Products are made using high quality raw materials, are easy to clean, and are certainly very useful for those who have small dogs or cats.

Irina and Anatoli Pugaci from Chisinau started to produce cat houses and scratching posts in 2015. Therefore, cats have their own multifunctional space that will satisfy all their needs. The raw materials used in the production of scratching posts are jute, faux fur, rubber foam, PFL and wood-based panels. All the products are handmade.

Food for birds and rodents

The company Chira-Prim SRL from Chisinau, in addition to being a distributor of Italian products for dog and cats, launched a line for the production of food for chinchillas, decorative rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs, as well as grain mixtures for parrots and other birds. They include oats, sorghum, pumpkin seeds, corn, buckwheat, flax seeds, and other useful ingredients. The company has repeatedly sponsored various exhibitions with dog and cat food and works with several plant nurseries in the country.

Aquariums made in Moldova

Moldovan producer Aqualex has been working on the local market for 15 years and is engaged in manufacturing of aquariums (fish tanks), in designing of aquatic ambiance and landscapes, as well as in many other services in this area. It manufactures customized large aquariums, integrated into furniture, with a welded frame. Their volume can vary from 300 to 1600 liters.

Another local producer, which manufatures custom-made aquariums, is Dr. Fish SRL. They offer design, manufacturing and assembly services for aquariums of various sizes, including those integrated into furniture. Among the company's clients are various enterprises, organizations, bars and restaurants of Chisinau.

The ZooTerra store in Chisinau also has a workshop specializing in the manufacture of customized aquariums and terrariums. Products can be of any shape and size, in addition, maintenance and repair services are provided.

Chinchilla as a pet

Although, unfortunately, in many cases, these cute animals are raised for their particularly beautiful fur, in Moldova there is a company that is engaged in raising chinchillas as pets. Chinchilla Lux brand offers healthy animals of Gri Standard and Black Velvet colors, special food for chinchillas, as well as consulting services.