Recently, MadeinMD team visited a state enterprise in Chisinau, the production plant "Vibropribor", where we had a chance to talk with the Chief Engineer, Mr. Valeriy Yakim, who kindly took us for a little tour into the plant and let us watch the production process.

Many of Moldovan people probably remember something about the plant "Vibropribor" from school lessons about Moldova state enterprises with huge production capacity, acting in the Soviet period but no longer functioning at full strength or even not functioning at all.

"Vibropribor" is no exception. In Soviet times, it was the leader in the field of radioelectronic technologies production, today the only activity is metal processing and metal casting. The plant employed about 4000 people. Today, the number of employees is 161, most of whom started working before the 90s.

We went to the plant with skeptical curiosity about what we can see there. In fact, it turned out to be a powerful and untapped industrial giant with huge manufactories, in a state that is hard to describe – leaking roof, cold, dampness, and environment that cannot even imagine a worker at a state production enterprise, for example, somewhere in Germany.

All this, says Valeriy Yakim, due to the lack of funding. Our plant is not a budget institution and self-funded, so the money we earn by selling our products is not enough to maintain the plant in a proper condition. But even in this condition, "Vibropribor" has much to be proud of being the only Moldovan producer of equipment for antihail rockets "Alazan".

Plant workers were glad to show us the fruits of their labor, inspired by the fact that someone is interested in their work, and they wanted to show as much as possible products they produce. Metal decorative grilles for radiators, gas combustion devices, processed and stamped metal parts, plastic and aluminum products, non-standard equipment, hardware, tools, etc. More likely that many of our citizens do not know that these products are made in Moldova. Our production potential is huge, says Mr. Yakim, but it all depends on the demand, which is low, unfortunately.

See the detailed photo report from our visit to the plant "Vibropribor".