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In the city of Tiraspol, there started the production of handmade caramel candies. The business is called "Мастерская карамели" and it was launched by entrepreneur Dmitrii Gordinskii, who had previously been trained in Lviv, a city famous for its handmade caramel desserts.

“I already have a business in the IT sphere, but I wanted to do something closer to the heart. I learned that there are products that are not yet produced in Transnistria, including caramel candies and I immediately decided to take this step” said Dmitrii.

The production process takes place right in front of customers. A huge shopwindow, allows passers-by to admire the work of confectioners. Behind this window there is a whole city made of caramel. Children spend a lot of time here and they love to watch the whole process, that sometimes last for one and a half or two hours. During cooking, they are treated to hot caramel.

The window that separates the audience from the confectioners is armored and secure. If it is broken, it will not crumble and will not hurt anyone. The window is protected by tempered glass, which can withstand the weight of an adult if he leans against it.

The company opened on Valentine's Day, on February 14, 2019. Naturally, a huge number of caramel hearts were prepared, which were distributed to all passers-by. Such sampling led to the fact that in one day the whole Tiraspol learned about the factory.

There is collaboration in B2B segment and the factory can produce candies with different patterns, inscriptions and companies logos.

What do consumers prefer: Children are drawn to lollipops, while adults are more practical - they buy mainly small candies to share with the whole family. There are about nine flavors, including caramel with apricot flavor or with cola flavor.

From the very beginning, Dmitrii wanted to make a natural, but affordable product. And although the candies are made exactly the same way as in Ukraine, they costs three times cheaper. The production process has been optimized and the number of employees is much lower.

In the future, it is planned to produce marshmallows and iris candies, and to organize various masterclasses for children.

On December 19, 2019, “Мастерская карамели” was named the laureate of the 17th contest “Transnistrian Quality”, which is held under the auspices of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Ministries of Economic Development and Agriculture and the state administration.

photo source: tiraspol.ru