This is stated in the report on the standard process documentation and compliance assessment in the wine making sector: efficiency, opportunities and reality, by experts within USADI project Competitiveness Enhancement and Enterprise Development II (CEED II).

At present, the winemaking sector is overregulated and new standards are hampering winemakers from creating new products, Mihail Onu, an author of the report, states. Reducing the regulating documents will allow winemakers feel freer and make wines asked for in new and already developed markets, he says. Experts suggest gradually revise all standard documentation regulating the winemaking sector and exclude references to the standard process documentation. They think the process documentation has to be optional only and underlie fines imposed as a result of inspections and certificate issuing.

Besides, experts suggest simplifying the export certification procedure since close to 85% of wines are exported. Diana Lazar, winemaking sector manager of CEEDII said the report had been prepared within October, 2011- October, 2012 and some of its proposals had been included in the Law of Wine and Grape, which is pending for a decisional the Parliament.

At present, the winemaking is regulated by over 50 standards, majority of which are mandatory, by 6 directions by Moldova-Vin, a regulating body, by 5 governmental resolutions and two laws.