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Pasta is a food product made from white flour, whole grain flour, or a variety of grains such as rice, corn, rye, buckwheat, or soy. Often paste is made with the addition of salt and eggs. It is a popular product in the cuisine of many nations, but it is especially associated with Italian and Asian cuisine. For Europeans, for example, the most preferred and widespread is wheat pasta, while Asians, including the Chinese, prefer rice flour pasta.

According to some sources, pasta has been known in Sicily since 826 AD and was made from local wheat, but other sources indicate that it was brought to Italy by Marco Polo after his expedition to the Far East in the late 13th century. In Asia, however, it is believed that the Chinese made pasta as early as 3000 BC.

Since then, many varieties of pasta have emerged and this product became a staple food of many nations. However, pasta is considered a specific Italian product, therefore the names of different varieties contain the suffixes -ini, -elli, -illi, -etti, -oni, -one. Most pasta names have no equivalent in English or other languages, and manufacturers most often use the original, Italian name.

Types of pasta

By lenght:
- pasta lunga (long pasta) - spaghetti, fettuccine, tagliatelle and fidellini (noodles), pappardelle, vermicelli, bigoli, linguini, etc.
- pasta corta (short pasta) - farfalle (butterflies), penne, fusilli (spirals), conquilla (shells), cannelloni, ruote, gemelli, tortillone, orzo, ziti, etc.;
- pasta ripiena (pasta with filling) - tortellini, ravioli, mesellunni, agnolotia, etc. Dumplings can also be added to this category.
By form:
- tubular - penne, ziti, bucatini, macheroncelli, etc.;
- lines - spaghetti, stringosi, etc.;
- wide stripes - tagliatelle, pappardelle, fettuccine, etc.;
- sheets - lasagna;
- other forms - fusilli, farfalle, etc.

Pasta can also be classified by the type of flour used, by the relief: pasta lisce (smooth pasta) and pasta rigate (ribbed pasta); by color, if tomato paste, spinach, beetroot, etc. are added in the production process, depending on the production method: pasta fresca (fresh pasta), pasta secca (dry pasta). Foods that are boiled immediately after cooking, such as ravioli, are called fresh pasta, while such products as spaghetti, for example, are called dry pasta.

The variety of types of pasta is not limited to those listed above. Manufacturers all over the world are creating new, different shapes and colors, while for homemade pasta there are many opportunities to adapt and invent new recipes.

Pasta Made in Moldova

Pasta is rich in carbohydrates, it gives us the energy we require, and can be easily combined with other meals like vegetables, cheese or meat. It is a very popular product in Moldova and one local market one can find a wide range of pasta made in Romania, Italy, Russia or Turkey, as well as many local pasta producers.

The largest manufacturer of bakery products in Moldova, Franzeluța SA offers about 15 types of pasta made using wheat flour and water, with or without the addition of other ingredients used to increase nutritional value or improve taste. Best known to consumers are the classic spaghetti called Spicușor. Another brand that is often found in local shops and supermarkets is Mariţa, a product of Cascadvin SRL, white flour based pasta without dyes or flavors. The company Garma-Grup SRL from Hancesti produces several types of pasta under the brand Pan Makaron, made using high quality wheat flour, using modern technologies, which keep the nutrients intact. The company Beatrice-Com SRL from Chisinau also offers us several types of pasta made from its own wheat flour.

Of the smaller producers, we can recommend Rusalepaste SRL (Carpini brand) which offers several varieties of pasta, including ravioli. The pasta is made according to an exclusive Italian recipe using Durum wheat flour and fresh chicken eggs. Atan Tehno SRL specializes in the production of noodles and homemade pasta with various ingredients under the brand Paste CuCaAMMI brand (Vitarina Prim SRL) is a family business specializing in the production of traditional homemade noodles with fresh eggs. They offer a wide range of pasta in various shapes and sizes, including pasta made using durum wheat flour. Another manufacturer is the Ewig brand, which offers noodles made from high quality wheat flour and homemade chicken eggs. There are also several producers of noodles with quail eggs. These products are offered by the brands Darurile Prepeliței and SRL Juglan Prim (Pit Palac quail farm).

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