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Those who spent their childhood in Soviet times probably remember the wonderful taste of plombir ice cream. At that time, food industry enterprises constantly worked on improving the recipes of this product, which was ultimately produced according to strict standards and established GOSTs. One of the features in the process of its production was the use of only natural ingredients.

And although many of us associate plombir with the Soviet Union, this type of ice cream appeared much earlier. The history of plombir began in the nineteenth century in France, in the town of Plombier-les-Bains, from where this ice cream got its name. One confectioner from this town, soaked various fruits in cherry vodka and added to them a mixture of frozen eggs and cream. This was the moment the plombir ice cream was born. Since that moment, the recipes for plombir have changed a lot.

Plombir is characterized by a high content of fat and sugar (about 15%). The energy value of the product is: proteins: 3.7 g (~ 15 kcal) fats: 15 g (~ 135 kcal), carbohydrates: 20.4 g (~ 82 kcal).

The unforgettable taste of this ice cream is caused by its gentle consistency and an excellent proportion of fat and sugar. Depending on the amount of milk fat, we can distinguish:
• classic plombir - 12-13%;
• fat plombir - 15-20%.

In some cases, in order to enrich its flavor, several producers add butter to this ice cream and due to the fact that plombir has a high fat content it does not contain any ice.

Composition and useful properties

The ice cream takes the nutrients from the ingredients that are used in its manufacturing. This dessert stimulates the "hormone of happiness" - serotonin and therefore the product has a positive effect on mood and helps to combat stress and fatigue. Plombir is easily and quickly absorbed by the body.

This product contains vitamin A, which is very useful for skin and eyesight. In addition, the composition of plombir includes vitamins of group B, which are very useful for the nervous system, for fighting insomnia and stress. The product also contains calcium, which helps strengthen bones, hair and nails, potassium, which is very useful for the cardiovascular system and phosphorus, which helps in the synthesis of proteins and in the restoration of bones and muscles.

Culinary use

Plombir ice cream is a dessert, which can be supplemented with fruits, berries, chocolate, vanilla, jam, nuts, etc. In addition, various other desserts are obtained based on plombir, such as roasted ice cream or milkshakes. In some restaurants this product is combined with hot dishes.

The ice cream should be stored in the refrigerator at a temperature of at least -18 degrees. A quality dessert has a shelf life of no more than six months.

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