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This year, the holiday of Moldovan Wine and millennial traditions in winemaking, will be celebrated in the Wine Town, in the center of Chisinau. On October 5 and 6, a record number of winemakers - 68 wineries from 4 regions with protected geographical indication - will present their products on the Great National Assembly Square. For the first time, the holiday will go beyond the square and will also be held in front of the Cathedral and on the pedestrian street of E. Doga in Chisinau. 1,600 people and 15 companies will be involved in the organization of the event.

Traditionally, on the eve of National Wine Day, tourists arriving in our country will have the opportunity to discover the Wine of Moldova after they cross the border. Starting next week, all passengers of Chisinau International Airport will be greeted with a bottle of wine containing the logo “Wine of Moldova” and the message “Welcome to Moldova!”

The holiday will also have a special visual identity, which was inspired by the richness of autumn in Moldova, the authenticity of folk traditions and the works of one of the greatest Moldovan painters - Mihail Grecu.

The holiday will start on the Great National Assembly Square. There will be an info point at the entrance to Wine Town on Stefan cel Mare Boulevard, where visitors can find out information about the event program and purchase a Tasting Card, as well as promotional materials. The big evening concert will be transferred to the main stage of the pedestrian E. Doga street, where local and foreign artists will perform: Via Dacă, Pasha Parfeni, Tharmis, Lupii & Calancea Band, Dj Marcus Lawery, LUIKU (Ukraine), Vița de Vie (Romania), Niko de Transilvania (Romania). Visitors will also have the opportunity to start wine tours to other wineries from tourist information point located on Grigore Vieru Boulevard (next to the Tourist Hotel).

National Wine Day is organized by the National Bureau of Vine and Wine, the Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment, the Chisinau City Hall, wine producers associations with PGI Codru, Valul lui Traian, Ștefan Vodă, Divin, with the support of the strategic partner of the event, Moldova's competitiveness project funded by USAID and the Swedish government and general partners: Moldova Agroindbank and Mastercard.