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Sparkling wines are a low-alcohol drink that is consumed on anniversaries, parties, celebrations, and is particularly popular in the run-up to such events as the New Year or Christmas.Their quality is usually determined on the basis of abundant foaming and perlant properties.

Champagne and sparkling wines

The term "champagne" refers to sparkling wines produced in the French region of Champagne. In accordance with the Madrid Agreement (1891), only sparkling wine produced in France, in the Champagne region has the right to wear a proprietary name - "Champagne". Similar drinks made in other countries, including the Republic of Moldova are called sparkling wines. In the production process, this wine may undergo natural fermentation in the bottle, forming eventually the sparkling effect or carbon dioxide can be added artificially.

The methods of sparkling wines manufacturing

Charmat and Champenoise method are the two sparkling wine production processes that guarantee high quality sparkling wines:

The Champenoise method, also known in Italy as "metodo Classico", is a bottle fermentation process. After the clarification of the wine, sugar syrup and yeasts are added to the wine base.

Charmat method was invented by Federico Martinotti who introduced the fermentation in large pressure-resistant stainless steel vats. This method, also known as tank fermentation, is used to make most sparkling wines. The base wine is fermented in large pressure-resistent stainless steel vats in order to withstand pressure developed by carbon dioxide.

Sparkling wines pairing

The pairing between various foods and sparkling wines is made, first of all, taking into account the amount of sugar in it. French experts recommend pairing them with both cheese and fruits. Sparkling wines can also be associated with moldy cheese, brie, goat cheese and grapes. Exclusive wines go well with seafood.

Extra-brut sparkling wine can be paired with oysters, chicken, french fries and sashimi.

Brut sparkling wines can be combined with cheese, seafood, mushrooms and rice.

Wines such as Prosecco can be consumed with sausages, stuffed eggs and asparagus.

Sweet sparkling wines can be combined with desserts: fruits, dark chocolate or with a delicious slice of cheesecake.

However, these rules are optional, and everyone can find their own pairings to combine sparkling wine and their favorite snacks.

On the eve of the sparkling wine tasting, Madein.md team conducted a small survey to find out what Moldovans know about sparkling wines, when they drink it and what products they pair the sparkling wines with: