He managed to break into music market thanks to a completely original repertoire and exclusive live performances. We continue our column "Points of View", and made an interview the young performer, actor and director Mihai Fulga known as MEVV, to find out his preferences and opinions towards products made din Moldova.

What is the last domestic product you bought?

Kefir from JLC, Balti.

Which domestic products do you use on a regular basis?

Probably bread. Normally, I do not really prefer pastry products, but I consume regularly bread.

How would you asses the quality of Moldovan alimentary products?

In my opinion, instead of producing a lot of poor quality goods, it’s better to make one good product that will eventually become a brand, the demand and the price will increase. It is impossible to compare a homegrown product with an industrial one, but how can we attract the consumer, when he realizes that the product has no taste? Besides image and appearance, taste is also very important. Personally, I would like to know that the product I buy does not contain additives, it is natural and delicious.

What Moldovan products have you seen during visits to other countries?

Foreign people love very much Purcari ones; they are considered of high quality.

What is your favorite Moldovan wine?

Personally, I'm not very fond of wines and spirits in general. But from what I heard people prefer Calarasi cognac and Purcari wines.

Where do you think Moldova should export its products?

Besides image and appearance, taste is also very important and I would like to know that the product I buy does not contain additives, it is natural and delicious.


It would be great, if our products were everywhere, in developed markets, and why not in America or in the East, for example. We have very delicious fruits and vegetables, as well as high quality wines. I know many people who live abroad say that natural/ organic food is very expensive. In the end, each one can adapt to any cuisine, but if I'd lived abroad, I would miss very much the cornmeal, because I like mamaliga with branza (Moldovan cheese).

Do you have any clothing articles made in Moldova?

I have a traditional Ia made by my mother.

What Moldovan producers do you trust the most?

Probably those from textile industry. Alimentary products, in order to be sure of their quality, have to be thoroughly tested, while buying clothes is much simpler: if you like the fabric, design and color, you just buy it and wear it.

Which Moldovan brand is the most popular?

Wines are the most representative products from Moldova. Outside the country Purcari brand is probably the most popular, but we should take into account other wine producers as well.

Are you familiar with the new local producers and Moldovan brands?

Unfortunately, I don’t have time to follow the appearance of new brands, but I'm curious what innovative products are made in Moldova. I believe that the producers should advertise their products better. For a product to become a brand, he must be well promoted, otherwise it will not reach the consumer.