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On October 30, Château Vartely winery officially opened its brand store and wine bar in the center of Chisinau, Moldova. The store is located at 4 Pushkin street and will work from 10:00 to 22:00, Monday to Sunday.

By opening a brand store in Chisinau, the company strives to further develop the community of connoisseurs of quality wines and promote the culture of their consumption.

The interior design of the store and bar is made in accordance with the modern trends. The new wine shop offers customers all the Chateau Vartely wines, as well as many special offers and exclusive promotions.

In addition to the store, there is a wine bar with a tasting room, where sommeliers and professionals will lead various presentations and professional wine tastings.

Château Vartely brand has existed since 2004, but the history of the company's wines began in 1996. Thanks to the high quality of wines made using European and local grape varieties, Château Vartely occupies a leading position in the Moldovan wine industry. Throughout the years, the company's wines have received a large number medals at the most prestigious international competitions.