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This weekend marked the ending of the series of events called "Once Upon the Time in the Castle" that took place during the winter holidays at Mimi Castle, in Moldova. The last event of the series was a concert of Argatu and Mos Martin.

It all started with the event "Avant-Premiere of Christmas", on December 14, 2019, where guests had the opportunity to taste unlimited quantities of izvar, to admire a light show and a concert performed by National Youth Orchestra. The children had the opportunity to get acquainted with Mos Craciun and take pictures with him, to write him letters and send them by mail. In addition, the castle chefs prepared various pies, muffins and other desserts.

On December 22, 2019, the series continued with "Mos Craciun Workshop", an event also dedicated to children.

Afterwards, on December 24th, there was organized an event called "Christmas Eve" with a live performance of Cristofor Aldea-Teodorovici, who went on stage with his orchestra and sang mainly folk-funk songs. The guests had the opportunity to admire a light show on the walls of the castle, drink unlimited amounts of izvar and take part in a Christmas Fair.

The organizers of the events did not miss the opportunity to invite, on December 28, Vali Boghean Band and the audience appreciated its performance by singing along their favorite tunes.

The end of 2019 was marked by the event “Holidays Bustle”, that contained a Christmas fair, a show of lights, tastings of izvar, hot tea and desserts prepared by the castle chefs, all in a fabulous holiday atmosphere.

The beginning of 2020 was dedicated exclusively to children. On January 4th and 5th, a "Children's Party" was organized, where they had the opportunity to admire a theatrical performance with Mos Craciun and Alba ca Zapada. Despite the fact that the organizers did not mention possible gifts, Mos Craciun was generous and offered kids various sweets and other surprises.

From January 2 to 10, there were organized a series of tours of the castle and the participants had the opportunity to get acquainted with the labyrinths and cellars of the winery and to taste a wide variety of Mimi wines.

The most striking and last event of the series took place on January 11, when Argatu and Mos Martin took to the stage with their program, which combines authentic Romanian folklore and hip-hop rhythms.

For most of the events, the guests had the opportunity to travel by a wine train along the route Chisinau-Mimi Castle-Chisinau, which was organized specifically for these winter holidays.