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At the end of tasting the winners in each category were: light beer from LumenCraft Brewery, dark filtered beer Kellers, 110 Pale Ale from Beermaster, Black IPA Elvis, LumenCraft wheat beer and Stout from Lakehouse Brewing.

On September 10, Madein.md project in partnership with the Smokehouse: BBQ, Beer, Community and creator of Sunstone Alehouse brand, Kirill Zmurciuk tried to provide domestic consumers with the variety of Moldovan beer. The event called "Beer of Moldova" gathered about a hundred participants who had the opportunity to try a variety of ales, lagers, light and dark, industrial, craft and homebrew beer - all of them produced in Moldova.
Presentation of Beer and its Division into Categories
The event turned to be a real success and the visitors had the opportunity to try 34 varieties of beer from 14 manufacturers, all divided into 6 categories:

Light Lager:

Chișinău blondă (manufacturer: Efes Vitanta)
Grand Gold (beer factory “Cogâlnic ”, Cimișlia)
Unfiltered light beer (IM «Kellers» SRL)
Filtered light beer (0,5 Pub, or. Cahul)
Bocikovoe unfiltered (IM „Beermaster” SA)
Bocikovoe Vie (IM „Beermaster” SA)
Orașul vechi light beer (Ivaro SRL)
Light beer (Lumen Craft Brewery)
Gotter filtered beer (Galiaris Com)
Light lager (Bere Elvis, Puhoi)
Timișoreana (Efes Vitanta)
Herenhauser (Efes Vitanta)
Vienna Lager (Litra Brewing Company)
Unfiltered light beer (IM «Kellers» SRL)

Pale Ale:

Pale Ale (Litra Brewing Company)
Session IPA (Litra Brewing Company)
Light IPA (Lumen Craft Brewery)
Gotter Ale (Galiaris Com)
60 min IPA (Bere Elvis, Puhoi)
Pale Ale(Bere Elvis, Puhoi)
110 Ale (IM „Beermaster” SA)

Dark lager:

Filtered dark beer (IM «Kellers» SRL)
Bocikovoe Dubovoe (IM „Beermaster” SA)
Orașul vechi dark beer (Ivaro SRL)
Gotter dark beer (Galiaris Com)
Unfiltered dark beer (IM «Kellers» SRL)

Dark Ale:

Irish Stout (Litra Brewing Company)
Black IPA (Bere Elvis, Puhoi)

Wheat Beer:

Gotter Weiss (Galiaris Com)
LumenCraft Weisse (Lumen Craft Brewery)

Homebrewed Beer:

Pale Ale (made by Ken McLeod from the US embassy in Chisinau)
Pale Ale (made by David Smith from Smokshouse and Bill Mahafey)
Smoked beer (made by Kiril Zmurciuc, Sunstone Alehouse)
Stout (made by Eugen Croitor, Lakehouse Brewery)

The tasting process

The tasting was attended by domestic consumers, guests from abroad, representatives of beer companies, representatives of several restaurants and pubs in Chisinau and a professional jury, consisting of three experts in the field: Dorin Nicolaescu-Musteaţă, Artem Belitsky and Chuck Veter.

The Format of the event was an open floor plan tasting. The participants has the opportunity to move around, taste beers at stations organized by categories and talk to brewers and beer enthusiasts about this evening’s favorite topic. For two and a half hours, the guests of the event had a great time in a casual and relaxed atmosphere and the evening was filled with smiles and productive discussions. After tasting of all the products, everyone voted for their favorite beer in all six categories.
The Results and Winners of the Tasting

Results and Winners of the Tasting

After everyone enjoyed the fragrant taste of Moldovan beer and chose their favorite brand, it was time to count the votes. Thus, we present the winners in each category:

Light Lager: Light Beer from LumenCraft Brewery

Dark Lager: Kellers Dark Unfiltered

Pale Ale: 110 Ale from Beermaster

Dark Ale: Elvis Black IPA

Wheat Beer: LumenCraft Weiss

Homebrew Beer: Stout from Lakehouse Brewing.

The opinion of the specialized jury was quite different from the general public and they made their own mixed Top 10 containing all categories of beer presented for the tasting. So – here are the best beers according to our experts: Dorin Nicolaescu-Musteaţă, Artem Belitsky and Chuck Veter.

  1. Smoked Beer (Sunstone Alehouse)
  2. Lumencraft IPA
  3. Lumencraft Weisse
  4. Elvis Black Ipa
  5. 110 Pale Ale (Beermaster)
  6. Gotter Wheat Beer
  7. Litra Pale Ale
  8. Gotter Ale
  9. Stout (Lakehouse Brewing)
  10. Gotter Dark Beer

These are the results of the tasting that took place on September 10 at Smokehouse and as a conclusion we can state that the organizers of the event managed to show domestic and foreign consumers the variety of Moldovan beer producers and brands. It is also important to note that many Moldovan producers, for various reasons, were unable to attend the event and provide their types and brands of beer.

In the future we will make efforts for "Beer of Moldova" to become an annual festival, which would offer consumers new varieties of fresh and delicious beers made in Moldova.