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The most popular sparkling wines that have at the blind tasting organized by MadeinMD where the brands Apriori from Consalcom company, and sparkling wines from Vinaria Hancesti, Alianta Vin Chateau Vartely and Cricova.

The MadeinMD campaign "Taste for 7 times, choose once" came to its seventh issue. After tasting of apple juice, ice cream, beer, potable water, wine and mayonnaise this time the event was dedicated to Moldovan sparkling wines. Thus, the Albion Territory Club, hosted about 30 tasters that enjoyed 19 brands of sparkling wines from eight Moldovan companies: Cricova, Maurt, Hincesti Winery, Boiar Grup, Chateau Vartely, Consalcom, Alianţa Vin and Nisporeni Winery.

The tasting was presented by Mr. Mihai Druta, the president of the Someliers Association of Moldova, a person with extensive knowledge in the field of viticulture and Moldovan wine industry. Before the tasting begun, he shared a lot of useful and interesting information regarding sparkling wines in general, the origin of champagne drink and various types of sparkling wines on local and international market.

Afterwards, in a warm and friendly atmosphere, the process of tasting begun, and the participants, in addition to sparkling wines, had the opportunity to taste the sweets produced by domestic companies Nefis, Columbus and Rifero, while the water under the brand name Izvoraş was offered by Beermaster company from Balti.

All 19 brands of sparkling wines were divided into 5 categories according to the sugar content, that is, extra brut, brut, semi-dry, semi-sweet and sweet. Wine tasting began with sparkling wine extra brut from Cricova, who was the only one in this category, followed by six brut sparkling wins. Here, the most successful were the brands Apriori (manufactured by Consalcom), as well as sparkling brut wines from Cricova and Chateau Vartely. Then, the participants tasted semi-sparkling wines, of which there were only two, and the audience appreciated mostly the brand Chisinaul Vechi from the company Alianta Vin. The largest number of brands, seven, were in the category of semi-sweet sparkling wines and the most appreciated were the products from Boiar Grup, from Hincesti winery, as well as the brand Apriori from Consalcom. In the latter category were the sweet sparkling wines, and out of three brands audience really liked Capricio from Cricova.

In conclusion, we can say that the latest edition of a blind tasting of domestic products was a success. The participants had the opportunity to get acquainted with new brands of sparkling wine produced in Moldova, as the video report made MadeinMD on the eve of the event showed that the Moldovan consumers know very little local producers of sparkling wines. And if we want to have for the New Year feast a good, quality sparkling wine, it definitely can be found among domestic brands.