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MadeinMD continues its social campaign for the promotion of domestic products - "Taste for 7 times, choose once". After the blind tastings of the apple juice, ice cream and beer made in Moldova, this time participants had the opportunity to taste domestic potable and mineral waters. As well as in previous editions, the main purpose of the event was to familiarize local consumers with existing Moldovan brands, taking into account the fact that not all of them are known to the general public. This fact can be proven by a video report, organized by MadeinMD on the eve of tasting, in which the majority of surveyed people were familiar only with a few of Moldovan water brands.

Another reason for the organization of this event is the abundant presence of foreign water brands on the shelves of local markets and in the various restaurants in Chisinau. The water produced in Ukraine, Romania and France is popular among local consumers through brand recognition, thus ignoring high-quality local products. Although it seems that potable and mineral waters appear to be identical, each one has its own flavor, depending on the origin, mineral composition or manufacturing process.

The tasting event took place at Smokehouse: BBQ, Beer, Community in the center Chisinau, restaurants whose owners have been very receptive and have contributed to the good organization of the event. MadeinMD take this opportunity to thank the representatives of Smokehouse for their support and assistance. For this fourth edition, the tasting changed its format. If the previous editions were attended by local bloggers/ journalists or Moldovan celebrities, this time the opportunity to taste domestic water was given to all those present at the event: bloggers, local producers, as well as ordinary visitors who booked their participation earlier.

For the tasting there were selected 11 brands of drinking water from eight domestic producers, as well as 3 well-known foreign brands. The tasting was composed of brands like Om, Familia Fericită, Apă Populară and Gura Căinarului from Rusnac-Moldaqua company, Izvoraş from Beermaster company, the brands Mănăstirea Hâncu, Cristalina de Purcari, Apă Pură, Varniţa and Dobrogea, as well as filtered drinking water, which the restaurant Smokehouse offers to all its clients for free. The foreign water was represented by the brands Dorna, Izvorul Minunilor and Evian.

As an appetizer for the tasting, MadeinMD chose artisanal bread - a high quality product without yeast and without any chemical additives, registered under commercial brand "Pâinea lui Ştefan".

And now let’s move on to the tasting. All the 15 brands presented at the evented were divided into 3 groups of 5, and tasters were given the task to evaluate and select a winner from each group. Imported brands were distributed randomly among domestic ones. Upon completion of all 3 rounds, the organizers announced the winners. To the delight of all those present at the event, the best results were shown by the local brands Izvoraş, Om and Dobrogea, which received highest marks from tasters.

In between rounds, domestic producers that attended the event had the opportunity to present their companies and water brands. Representatives of Beermaster company, of Cristalina de Purcari and Pâinea lui Ştefan brands conducted presentation speeches and answered several questions from the visitors. In this context, it is important to note the absence of any interest from several domestic manufacturers of water to attend this event. Representatives from companies like Rusnac-Moldaqua, Apă Pură, Bender Beer Factory or Vateco Lux (Dobrogea water brand) refused to participate in the tasting for various reasons. Their presence would be appropriate, given the fact that the public has shown great interest in the dialogue with the producers, there were considered important issues, such as the process of water production, its composition, the sources from which it is extracted, types of packaging and plastics from which the bottle is made. We consider it would have been much more useful for local consumers if the event was attended by more local manufacturers to provide a constructive and productive dialogue between them.

Thus, the conclusions of the 4th edition of the campaign for blind tasting of domestic products are similar to previous editions. As it was in the case of beer or ice cream, MadeinMD was able to prove and confirm the abundant presence of domestic producers on the Moldovan market, to inform consumers about less known Moldovan brands and the blind tasting showed that Moldovan water got higher ratings than some of the well-known foreign brands . Thus, consumption of water produced in Moldova should be encouraged and supported, as it will lead to the stimulation of domestic manufacturers to develop, evolve and improve the quality of their products and to be closer to consumers.