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The most popular jams of the Dragobete evening were the ones made from plums, aronia berries and rose petals.

On February 24, at the restaurant "513 str", Madein.md organized a new tasting of domestic products, dedicated to jam made in Moldova. As in previous editions, the main purpose of the event was the promotion of Moldovan brands of jam, taking into account that consumers are hardly aware of the domestic producers of this product. This fact can be proven by a video report, organized by Madein.md on the eve of tasting, in which the majority of surveyed people had few knowledge of Moldovan jam brands. And since the date of the event coincided with Dragobete holiday, the tasting was accompanied an evening of speed dating.

Domestic Manufacturers of Jam

For the tasting there were presented 10 varieties of jam from four Moldovan companies. The selected jams were made from various fruits, in order to familiarize local consumers with the large variety of this product. Thus, the audience were offered three types of jam from the company Orhei-Vit (quince, strawberry and cherry), three from Calarasi Canning Factory (grapes, rose petals, aronia berry), three from Farming Association "Gori Nadejda Pavel" (apricots, plums, peaches) and jam made of green walnuts manufactured by "Poienele Moldovei". This manufacturer also provided the tea for the event – a product made from natural  local herbs and plants. Bread was provided by the "513 str" restaurant, where the tasting took place.

The Speed Dating Process

The tasting took place in a friendly and warm atmosphere, in which 10 girls and 10 boys had the chance to try various jams manufactured in Moldova, as well as to get acquainted with members of opposite sex. Participants had only 3 minutes to find a partner and try a certain type of jam. As a conclusion the organized speed dating was a success, all the participants were in a good mood, and the jokes and smiles filled the atmosphere of the whole event. The tasting was also attended by representatives of companies "Orhei-Vit" and "Poienele Moldova", which briefly informed the audience on their activities and products.

The Results of Jam Tasting

At the end of the tasting, participants were asked to vote for three types of jam, they liked the most. In addition, each of the participants wrote the name of a partner they liked the most in order to determine the mutual sympathies and eventually to form a couple. According to the results of voting, one pair was established and namely Vadim and Margaret, who received gifts from the organizers. As for the tasting results, the first place went to jams made of rose petals, aronia berries and plums (8 votes), the second place went to the jams made of strawberries and apricots (7 votes), and the third place was awarded to the jam made of green walnuts (6 votes).

Thus, the eighth edition of the tasting as part of the campaign "Try for seven times, choose once" showed that the industrial jam, made in Moldova by local enterprises and factories is as good as the homemade jam, has a high quality, taste, aroma and it is definitely worth trying.