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Near the Hincu Monastery, located in Nisporeni district, a new recreation area, equipped with parking facilities was built. The works on its construction are part of the tourist project in the Central region of the country. After being tested by a special commission, it received a positive assessment.

The recreation area in the Nisporeni district is part of the program, which provides the creation of tourist routes in nine regions of the country, as well as investment opportunities for the development of local tourism. For the establishemnt of this recreation and parking zone there were speny 1.5 million lei. There were built four towers around the local lake and a parking that provides for 40 parking spaces for different kinds of vehicles.

Hincu Monastery is one of the oldest in Moldova, it was built in 1678 and is named after the saint patron of Moldavia - St. Parascovia. This region is a tourist center of the country, as well as part of a plan for the development of national and international tourism.