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The new underground hotel may become an international sensation, as it is a unique project that will include an impressive network of tunnels and caves.

The tourist complex of Branesti Wineries called "Stone Age" is located in Branesti village, Orhei district. At the moment, tourists have no access to the hotel, but in the near future it will be open to public.

It will be a unique hotel, built under ground in a limestone mine, which was recently acquired by the winery. The hotel will have rooms for guests, a restaurant, a dining room, a bar, an auditorium, a spa, underground galleries for walking, recreation and places specifically designed for wine storage. Also here will be organized a variety of cultural activities: shows, concerts, etc.

Tourists and visitors will have the opportunity to discover an impressive network of beautiful tunnels and caves. This will be a truly a medieval town of stone, hidden under the ground, the walls will have different sizes and special a design composed of circles and lines.

The complex will also contain a large collection of wines belonging to Branesti Wineriy and it will offer people the possibility to rent a place and store their own collection.

The tourist complex "Stone Age" is at 49 km distance from Chisinau.