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For the first time in Moldova there was built a colorful and musical fountain. It is located at Mimi castle and its first act is based on the song "Gingașa și tandra mea fiară" composed by Eugen Doga.

Thus, Mimi entered the category of international castles and other tourist sites that have a landmark of this type.

The fountain was created by the famous Italian designer Arnaldo Tranti, the author of the entire concept of the restoration of Mimi castle. All the colorful musical effects were made by experts from Romania, because this is a novelty for the Republic of Moldova. The fountain has 33 nozzles, water jets rise to a height of 5 meters, in a wide range of color effects and in connection with the musical notes.

The fountain is a homage to the great composer Eugen Doga, whose songs are famous all over the world. This video spot shows how beautiful the new fountain is.