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Madein.md project continues to promote domestic divin producers, by organizing trips to factories and production lines of Moldovan companies. This time we visited the state enterprise Aroma, where the famous divins "Aroma", "Belîi Aist", "Dacia", "Basarabia", "Chişinău" or "Ambasador" are made.

Our hosts, the technologist and the commercial director of the company told many interesting things about the process of a divin production, about the history and traditions of the company, as well as about the difficulties and problems that the enterprise is facing at present.

We also had the opportunity to taste three divines:
Moldova (7 years), a product is characterized by a soft, harmonious taste and a peculiar bouquet with tar-enantic, vanilla tones;
Chişinău (10 years) - a noble high-quality cognac with a harmonious taste, with pronounced tar-enantic tones;
Basarabia (15 years old) – a product characterized by a delicate bouquet with tar-enantic and sunflower tones.

Here is a photo report made by our team during the trip.