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Madein.md project continues to promote domestic divin producers, by organizing trips to factories and production lines of Moldovan companies. This time we went to the city of Balti, to visit the company Barza Albă that manufactures the famous divins "Belîi Aist", "Balti", "Speranta", "Bucuria", "Codru", "Prezident" or "Dragos Voievod".

Under the guidance of the commercial director of the company Arcadie Zastavnetchi, we got acquainted with all the stages of a Moldovan divin manufacturing and learned a lot of interesting information about this noble drink, about the history and traditions of the company.

And, of course, we were invited to a tasting where we were offered to try 5 divins:
Bălţi – a 7-year-old apple cider (calvados) with an amber color and an unforgettable aroma;
Voievod (5 years) – a divin with an interesting taste, bright aromas and a warm amber color.
Belîi Aist (5 years) - a softer divin with floral aroma and vanilla notes.
Bălţi (7 years) is a fragrant divin with more pronounced notes of maturation.
Codru (20 years) – a divin with a much more complex taste and bouquet of pronounced aromas with notes of wood resin.

It was a pleasant and useful visit to a company with rich history and traditions. Here is a photoreport made by our team during the trip.