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Madein.md project continues to organize trips to domestic beer producers. Therefore, on October 28, about 15 people took part in an excursion to three Moldovan breweries: Litra, LumenCraft and Gotter, during which we found out a lot of interesting things on the production process and had the opportunity to taste several beer varieties.

The first trip was to Litra Brewing Company, whose beer combines high quality ingredients and offers consumers a domestic product made using German technology. This is a family business that emerged in 2013, due to the passion for genuine craft beer. Currently, Litra is one of the most famous beer producers in the country, offering the following varieties: Vienna Lager, Bohemian Pilsener, Litra Pale Ale, Litra Rocket IPA, Tyask Barleywine, Hafeweissber, Lucky Porter, Pumpkin Ales, Sessions IPA, Electrolyt Blackcurrant and Litra Nuit Blanche.

A trip followed to the company Gotter from Ciorescu (mun. Chisinau). The brewery works since 2008, offering consumers several types of craft beer (Gotter Blondă, Gotter Brună, Gotter de Grâu, Gotter Ale Beer, Gotter Porter). The beer is also produced using German technology, while the raw materials are imported from the Czech Republic.

One of the features of the technological process at the Gotter brewery is that, unlike other domestic producers, the beer tanks are made in Moldova by the company Art Inox from Chisinau.

The last brewery we visited - LumenCraft, is located in the airport zone and emerged on domestic market quite recently. It specializes in the production of craft beer in small quantities using traditional recipes from different countries of the world. Lumencraft is a beer for true connoisseurs and its main varieties are: Hoppy Lager, Red Vienna, Swarzbier, IPA and Weissbier.

These trips were organized in order to familiarize consumers with the variety of beer brands produced in Moldova and to promote industrial tourism in the country. Here is a photogallery from the Beer Tour that took place on The 28th of October.