Novak Winery
  • Novak Winery

    Tartcomvin LLC

  • Location mun. Comrat, str. Suvorov, 58/1
  • Founded 2004
  • Phone +373 00000000
  • Products

    Wines, raw materials for wine


The winery offers custom-made personalized wines, as well as raw materials for wine production.


The winery uses primary and secondary types of production and has the capacity to process 2-3 thousand tons of grapes per season and produces up to 3 thousand tons of wine. Technologists of the enterprise often like to experiment with different yeasts, a fact that determined the foundation of the experimental laboratory and later, of Novak Winery. While producing the wines using red method, seeds are separated from grapes, which removes the bitterness in the taste, and gives the wine softness. Fermentation is carried out in three stages. Winemakers try to extract as much richness from the berries as possible. For the production of red wines there is used the malolactic fermentation. Novak wines drew attention, mainly due to to the unique variety Alb de Oniņcani. The vineyards are located on seven types of soil in the settlements of Tartaul, Chebalakchiya and Comrat, including gravel soil for Pinot Noir. In Comrat – the slopes are less steep and the grapes are harvested by hand.


1. Mundus vini 2017 - two gold medals (Alb de Oniţcani clasic 2016, Alb de Oniţcani & Rcaţiteli);
2. Black Sea Wine Forum in Varna - Chardonnay 2016, gold medal and Alb de Oniţcani clasic 2017, silver medal.


Romania, Ukraine, China

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