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Packages from polyethylene of high, low and average density of several types: packaging bags, t-shirt bags, Die-cut handbags of various sizes, with/ without folds, with simple or strengthened handle.

Sizes: low-limit size -100 Х 100 mm, the upper-limit size – 2300 Х 2100 mm, up to 6 colours of printing.

Parameters of produced packages:

Material type PVD, PND , PSD
Package type Without handles T-shirt Die-cut
Fold/ seal With/ without, bottom/side sealed
Handle type Simple/strengthened
Print With/ without, from 1 up to 6 colours

Parametres of produced bags:

Material type HDP, LDP
Package type Coloured (under agreement) Colourless/blank
Width From 400 mm to 2300 mm
Thicknes From 20 to 150 µm
Print With/without, from 1 up to 6 colours

* the upper-limit width of the print- 1200 mm

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