Conclusions and
future plans

The blind tastings that we organized for the past two years have been highly appreciated by both local manufacturers and consumers. The campaign "Try for 7 times, choose once " turned out to be a good incentive in promotion of products made in Moldova and gave the participants an excellent opportunity to discover lesser known, small Moldovan producers from different spheres of activity. The new products often took leading positions and became the winners of the tasting.

The information regarding all the tastings organized in the frame of this campaign is available on our website in form of photo, video reports. The campaign was also monitored by other websites, blogs, social networks, and we consider that we managed in a way, to bring to the attention of consumers a lot of new and interesting domestic producers.

The campaign will continue in the future, as there are plenty of local food and agriculture products, which deserve to be promoted and tasted. After learning the variety of domestic products, each of us will have a lot to choose from. We encourage you, when you go shopping, to pay attention where the product is manufactured. If you find a mayonnaise, a beer or new wine made in Moldova, try it, because the Moldovan food in most cases is no way inferior to imported one. In addition, a good product, of high quality - is another reason to be proud of your country.

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