Information and
Promotional Materials

Throughout the campaign, drafted and prepared photo and video reports, we interviewed farmers, wrote various articles to inform readers of the site of a variety of fruits grown in Moldova and on the main challenges faced by local farmers.

We were often accompanied in these visits by representatives of other local news agencies, bloggers and broadcasters, who also wrote reports about our campaign.

In the rubric "Fruits Route" on website, we dedicated several materials to each individual fruit, offering readers useful materials on the varieties, useful properties and the use of various fruits in the domestic food industry.

In addition, we decided to develop a series of t-shirts, postcards and magnets depicting various fruits and containing a number of eloquent appeals to support the consumption of local agricultural products.

Conclusions and plans
for the future

When we started this campaign, we wanted to popularize the practice of harvesting and purchasing products directly from the orchards and plantations of Moldovan farmers. To our delight, all those who took part to these trips were supported our campaign. Over time, our team was growing and the number of those who would like to accompany us, was increasing.

During our interactions with Moldovan farmers, we learned about the most pressing issues they face: the search of new markets, the lack of marketing strategy, the problems with subsidizing of the agro-industrial complex, etc. All these nuances, we tried to emphasize in our reports..

In 2017, we plan to continue our campaign Fruits Route and organize more trips, not only to producers of fruit and berries, but of vegetables as well. We emphasize once again the importance of the consumption of Moldovan agricultural products and try to convince consumers to support local farmers and thus create a bridge of communication between them, which would be beneficial to both parties.

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