Terms of Use

Madein.md Terms and Conditions constitute the entire agreement between the Site and anyone using it, its Services and Content. Please read this policy carefully before using Madein.md.

General definitions as used herein:

"Site" – Madein.md www.madein.md

"User" / "You" – each individual or legal entity using the services offered via this Site 

"Visitor" – each individual or legal entity accessing and viewing this Site

"Paid Services" – services offered via Madein.MD for payment

"Free Services" – services offered via Madein.MD for free

"Information"/ "Data"/ "Content" – any information found on this Site 

"Administrators"/ "Owners" – Madein.md owners and developers who govern and run this Site

I. User Rights & Responsibilities 

a) User agrees not to use Site Madein.md for negative purposes. You agree not to reproduce, duplicate, repost, or otherwise distribute any content found on the Site for any purpose other than for personal use. Any unauthorized, dishonest or inappropriate use of content from this Site may result in legal action. You also shall not use the Site contents for commercial exploitation, conduct a business or develop website that may cause a conflict of interest with Madein.md.

b) User agrees not to use Site content and services (both "Paid Services" and "Free Services") for illegal purposes or to the detriment of any type. User agrees not to violate directly or indirectly the rights of other users, holders of services as well as Site owners.

c) You agree to use the services offered via Madein.md at your own risk. Site owners cannot be responsible for the quality and reliability of any services, products, company profiles, contacts and any other data submitted by individual and legal entity. We do not take responsibility for any direct or indirect detriment as a result of your use of Madein.MD or services offered via this Site. 

d) User agrees to be fully responsible for any activities he or she takes on this Site. You agree to be responsible for all activities that occur under your password or account. Site owners and developers do not take responsibility for any direct or indirect detriment as a result of your use of information, services or goods offered via Madein.md.

e) User is obliged to respect both local and international laws while using this Site and any paid or free services offered through this Site.

f) Users are required to provide relevant and reliable information about their companies and services. Site Users bear responsibility for the quality of the information they publish on Madein.md. Users are the only ones to be responsible for all actions that occur under their account.

g) Madein.md may contain links and pointers to other websites operated by third parties. The Users of Madein.MD agree that any content, links, products or services offered on those sites are not under the responsibility of Madein.MD owners and developers. Thus, we are not responsible for maintaining your privacy and safety once you leave our Site.

h) Users of Madein.md are obliged to submit and publish information that meets following terms:

  1. Provide full information in accordance with the terms defined for Users by our Site;
  2. Information should be reliable, complete, understandable and non-deceptive;
  3. Update profile (contacts, links, products, etc.) in case of any changes;
  4. Do not offer via this Site illegal services as well as promote fake or counterfeit items, products, and goods prohibited by applicable law;
  5. Behave respectfully to other users as well as Madein.md operators;
  6. Do not violate copyright law or any other laws and proprietary rights;
  7. Do not violate any federal, state, or local law;
  8. Do not display and publish defamatory, abusive, sexually explicit content of any type;
  9. Do not publish false or abusive or misleading information about other Users and companies;
  10. Do not discriminate on the basis of gender, national origin, language, etc;
  11. Do not reveal your Madein.md profile password to others.

All information and data that violates Madein.md guidelines will not be accepted. Madein.MD administration reserves the right to suspend or terminate User accounts that fail to comply with Site regulations and account registration requirements. Offensive language, images or links will be automatically censored. User agrees that Madein.md has no responsibility for any damage resulting from actions contrary to Madein.md Terms and Conditions.

Copying of the news, reports and interviews from website Madein.md is accomplished only by indicating the source (madein.md - active link to the relevant artcile). When copying photo and video materials from the site, the Madein.md logo is kept.

II. Our Rights & Responsibilities

a)       Madein.md cannot guarantee the security of any information transmitted over the Internet.

b)       By using linked websites, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of those websites. Therefore, we exclude all liability or responsibility for maintaining your privacy and safety once you leave Madein.md.

c)       Madein.md is not responsible for any comments or activities between members of the Site. You understand that we cannot be responsible for the content of any website or comments published on any linked social networking sites. 

d)       Links to other sites are provided for information purposes only. Our inclusion of any link to any other site does not indicate our approval of the contents of those websites and does not imply our recommendation. If you choose to use those sites and services/products available on those sites, you do it at your own risk.

e)       Materials, logos and other representations available at Madein.md, except those taken from other sources, are the intellectual property of Madein.md. Any unauthorized use of our materials may violate copyright or other intellectual property rights and applicable laws.

f)        By accessing this Site, Users accept that Madein.md has the right to process personal data, disclosed as a result of using the service.

g)       Madein.md owners and administrators reserve the right to sue Users whose actions on this Site are fraudulent, illegal or violate the law.

III. Limitation of Liability

a)       Madein.md does not bear responsibility for product quality and reliability of the information presented and uploaded by Users on this Site.

b)       Madein.md is not responsible for the exchange of information between the Users of the Site. Madein.md is an Internet portal aimed at providing opportunity to promote local products. But we cannot confirm the identity of each User, and recommend you to be careful when you decide to share information with other Users on this Site.

c)       We cannot guarantee that any information and comments published by Users on this Site do not, directly or indirectly, violate the rights of any third party. 

 IV. Changes & Updates

Madein.md owners and administrators reserve the right to modify or/and update these Terms and Conditions, at any time without prior notice. All the changes will be posted on the Site. To view the most current version of this document, please make sure to refresh this page in your browser. Your continued use of Madein.md website and services will indicate your acceptance and agreement to any changes.

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