Fabrica de producere a berii din Bender
  • Fabrica de producere a berii din Bender

    CJSC «Бендерский Пивоваренный Завод»

  • Location or. Bender, str. Drujbi 7
  • Founded 1860
  • Phone +373 552 3-55-71
  • Products

    Beer, mineral water, soft drinks, low-alcohol beverages, alcoholic beverages

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The company offers custom-made products

Interesting facts related to history of the factory:

- The first historical reference of the factory dates back to 1871, when it was mentioned in the archives of Akkerman;
- During the Second World War, the plant was completely destroyed by an air projectile, but it was quickly restored and in 1946, 60 thousand dal of beers and 30 thousand dal of non-alcoholic beverages were manufactured here.
- Cellars are the only part of the plant that has been preserved since the middle of the XIX century to present day. Their walls have a thickness of 160 cm, providing a constant temperature throughout the year.
- At the plant there are employees who have been working here for more than 40 years and who caught the time when the beer was brewed on fuel oil and even on wood.
- Until 1990, the factory made such beers as "Жигулевское" and "Кишиневское". In fact, the recipe for the Жигулевское beer was the reference point for the series "Старая Крепость" that is currently produced.
- In the world there are only three factories of this kind and all of them are located in post-Soviet space.


Commercial brands

- beer: Старая Крепость
- mineral water: Варница, Варница 3
- vodka: Бендерская, Русская

Company Stores

  • Bender, Djurby str. 7 business hours: 8.30-19:00

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