• Ponti

    Ponti LLC

  • Location mun. Chişinău, bl. Decebal, 99
  • Founded 1987
  • Phone + 373 22 21 40 21
  • Products

    Tights, stockings, socks, aprons


Juridical persons have the possibility to order personalized clothing.


Ponti produces a wide assortment of tights, stockings and socks for women, men and children. The full range of articles is performed by using Italian and Czech machine and automatic Japanese, English and German sewing production lines. Ponti uses in the manufacturing process the highest quality fibers, which allows the production of tights and stockings with different density, men's socks, baby tights, stockings and socks in a wide range of colors. Ponti has the agreement from the company Invista to use Lycra and Tactel marks.



Company Stores

  • Chisinau, 91/1 Alba Iulia str.
  • Chisinau, 49 Ion Creanga str.
  • Chisinau, 63 Armeneasca str.
  • Chisinau, 51 Armeneasca str.
  • Chisinau, 2/4 C. Negruzzi bvl.
  • Chisinau, 21 Arborilor str.
  • Chisinau, 23 Decebal str.
  • Chisinau, 99 Decebal str.
  • Chisinau, 23/1 Traian blv.
  • Ungheni, 15 Naționala str.
  • Balti, 37 Stefan cel Mare str.
  • Comrat, 188 Lenin str.

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