The spring water that has already been known for 120 years is located in the outskirts of Gura Căinarului village, far away from roads, factories and plants.

The countrymen have come to the spring since old times to enjoy the crystal-clear, delicious and health-giving water. The old-timers say that nature itself has taken care of people offering them this valuable gift that possesses curative properties.

The springs are located at a depth of more than 150 m. in deep-laid and ancient lakes. While ascending to the surface, the water passes through ideal natural filters and simultaneously gets filled with health-giving substances.

The taste and properties of the water has remained unchanged for years due to the depth and protectability of the springs. The stable composition of mineral water is also independent of seasonal and climatic fluctuations. At any time, the water comes to the surface with an average temperature of 11 ° Celsius.


The unique natural composition of the mineral water is preserved due to the use of the most modern and high-tech equipment of the German company Krones – a global leader in this field.

There are three Krones lines mounted at the enterprise with a general productivity of 42000 bottles/per hour, with the volume of 1,5 l. The lines are used as efficiently as possible, since the equipment is intended for production of several types of products on each of them.


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1. Quality management and food safety system FSSC 22000:2010
2. Certificate of accordance with the international standard 17025

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