Sadro Ursu
  • Sadro Ursu

    Sadro Ursu LLC

  • Location or. Chișinău, str Uzinelor 188
  • Founded 1993
  • Phone +373 22 407 353
  • Products

    Popcorn, chips, sour borsch (bran kvass), paper cups for popcorn, tea and coffee.

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The production technology of our products, involves the use of modern equipment, which allows getting really high-quality product in a short time.

Also, the excellent quality of products are guaranteed by the use of high-quality ingredients, so we use: popcorn grain, characterized by excellent quality, not genetically – modified; the best quality in the world of palm oil, imported directly from the manufacturers; natural and exclusive fragrances from the best European producers, to give an excellent taste of the product.

Our team professionalism and high quality technology, guarantee excellent final quality of the product and its competitiveness on the market.



Popshow, Delicio


Rusia, Belarus, Lituania, Ucraina, Romania


1. Q- Cert certified Food Safety Management System ISO 22000
2. Quality Management System that is in conformance with the international standard EN ISO 9001:2008

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