Sălașul Baciului
  • Sălașul Baciului

    Sălașul Baciului LLC

  • Location s. Sadaclia, r. Basarabeasca
  • Founded 2017
  • Phone +373 00000000
  • Products

    Meat, dairy and cheese products


The brand "Sălaşul Baciului" belongs to the family of Dorina Baciu and Valeriu Motroi. They started a small business by manufacturing Italian cheeses in Moldova. They have their own sheep and goats of special breeds and during the production process they use high-quality equipment purchased from abroad. Cheeses are natural, without any additives and preservatives, they contain only milk, rennet and salt. They are produced only during the milking season. Cow milk is taken from the village monastery. The brand works on the basis of trial reports.



Trial report for sheep cheese No. 5692A (30.10.2017), issued by the Center for Applied Metrology and Certification.

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