Sandriliona factory is one of the leading ice cream producers in Moldova, known under the brand Sandra.

Sandriliona began its activities in 1998, in a small area. Pursuing the goal of maximally expanding the range of the product, it was decided to build new production facilities, which increased the quantity and quality of products. Thus, the company became one of the leaders among the Moldovan ice cream producers, and the dessers offered by teh company began to reach the countries of Central Asia and even Africa, under the well-known Sandra brand.

The company introduces new products, the creation of which is based on ensuring the safety of the environment, consumer health and, of course, the high quality of customer service.



Sandra, Delice' Cone, Humm Candy Nuts, Moments, Surprise, Super, Sonata, Cremello, Ice Poof, Sorbetto, Tornado, Tropico, Contessa, Send'wish, Classico, Frooty Froo, Magicco, Seduction, Inspiration, Attraction, Passion, Adagio, Plombir, Mousse, Succes, Prestige.


ISO 9001 Certification for Quality Management Systems
ISO 22000 is a Food Safety Management System


Iraqi, Senegal, Ghana, Near East, Africa

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