Organic Lavender Floral Water

Skin Care

Extracted by distillation of organic Lavendula angustifolia flowers and naturally rich in active principles, Lavender floral water has purifying qualities that make it particularly suitable as a cleansing toner for normal or oily skins. How to Use Lavender Flower Water?

Besides the obvious skin applications as a body spray, facial spray and acne treatment, sunburn skin cooler, foot spray flower water works wonderfully as a room mist, linen spray, pillow spray for sweet dreams, or for scenting ironed clothes - here is a Lavender Water Recipe. Store it in the fridge for a post exercise skin refresher or to just chill out on a hot summers day.

Spray yourself after a bath to pamper your skin and your partner with the alluring scent.
Calming and relaxing flower waters promote sweet dreams and a blissful night away from anxiety and stress.
Spray flower water on the pillows and sheets of your child's bed prior to bedtime. This can be part of your bedtime ritual along with stories and prayers. You can even use it as a "Monster repellent" if you are so inclined. Lavender Flower water can be used daily in so many useful ways.

Usage: Soak into a cotton wool pad and apply to the face morning and evening to tone the complexion. Do not rinse.

Weight: 100 g

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