Sweet Art

The producer offer custom-made confectionary products


Irina Crohmali uses only natural ingredients: Belgian chocolate, cream, butter, dried fruits, nuts, natural spices and whole-grain flour.

Sweet Art offers:
- Chocolate bars made of natural Belgian chocolate with various dried fruits and nuts(almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, cherries, dried apricots, cranberries).
- Classic truffle made of natural Belgian chocolate and with different coverings (hazelnuts, waffle crumbs, coconut).
- Cookies with cinnamon, cloves with apple and orange flavor (the aroma is obtained by keeping the cookies for 3 days in a container with slices of oranges and apples).
- Nuts with condensed milk with the addition of almonds and glazed in black or white chocolate.
- Sweets made of natural Belgian chocolate with fillings (mint, cognac, coffee, cinnamon, coconut).

The customer can choose any combination.

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