The almond grove was planted in 2009. While planting the trees only organic fertilizers were applied and there were taken into account all the slops for the trees to use maximum sunlight and the fruits to be saturated with useful vitamins and minerals. During the last nine years, herbicides have never been used, and as a result, the almonds are eco-friendly.

The total area of the grove is 76 hectares. The harvesting period is in September-October, and the quantity of harvested crops can vary from 20 to 50 tons per year, depending on weather conditions.

The company offers several varieties of almonds, one of the most popular is Amaretto variety, which is used in the preparation of confectionery products.

The almond stone seeds are cracked exclusively before delivery to local stores, a fact that allows farmers to save all the useful properties of the product.



Italy, Azerbaijan

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