The company uses TROCAL profiles which proved to be environmentally friendly and it are the only one in Europe, manufactured using a unique greenline technology.

Window profile TROCAL combine German quality with quite affordable prices. TROCAL based windows are environmentally friendly and completely safe: the GreenLine manufacturing process ensures the absence of lead and other harmful substances in the final product. These windows form no condensation and they do not freeze. The products based on TROCAL profiles are durable and reliable and have a particular style.


Conformity Certificate O Cpr - 044 13 C000148-15
Conformity Certificate O Cpr - 044 13 C000147-15
Conformity Certificate SNEC MD 1044 11 A000120-15
Conformity Certificate SNEC MD 1044 11 A000119-15

Company Stores

  • Chisinau, Uzinelor str. 90
  • Edinet, Alexandru cel Bun str. 107
  • Ocnita, 50 de ani Victoriei str. 17
  • Briceni, M. Eminescu str.17G
  • Soldanesti, Victoriei str. 1
  • Rezina, Sciusev str. 2
  • Glodeni, Suveranitatii str. 17
  • Drochia, 27 August str. 34

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