Vinăria Ialoveni


A winemaking enterprise, well known in Republic of Moldova and foreign for the only one from Moldova specializing in the production of Ialoveni wines. It is involved in grape processing, production, bottling and sale of wines of all types: dry, semidry, semisweet, desert, strong, as well as of spirits.

Due to traditions of wine-makers and the modern technologies of conditioning and bottling, the IALOVENI wines correspond to the highest standards of the market.

Their quality is marked by more than 90 gold, silver and bronze medals, as well as by four Grand Prix, all of these awarded at the most prestigious natinal and international wine contests. During 60 years our masters wine-makers have created а whole series of IALOVENI wines, each of which possess а unique flavour and scent.

The company is pride to be one of the local wineries that offers collection wines (1967-1999).


Akademos, Gloria, Cezar, Botna, Shervin

Company Stores

  • Ialoveni, 4 Alexandru cel Bun street
  • Chisinau, 66 V. Alecsandri street

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