Artek (lemon)


Crispy and delicious wafers produced from high quality flour with extra-fine lemon.

Ingredients: sugar, wheat flour, vegetable fat, starch, emulsifier (lecithin), acidifier (citric acid), salt, baking powder (sodium bicarbonate), food aromatizer identical to the natural, lemon extract - 0.1% palm oil, baking powder (baking soda), conditioning flour agent  (protease).

*Lent product.

Shelf life: 150 days
Mass netto: 4,16 kg (13 x 320g) 4.16 kg (26 x 160g)
Packaging: 13 pieces in a box with size 380 * 285 * 126 (mm); 26 pieces in a cardboard box with size 380 * 285 * 126 (mm)

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