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In modern society, where more and more attention is paid to the principles of nature conservation and environmental protection, many of us have begun to change our habits by adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle.

An eco-friendly lifestyle can improve the quality of our life and is ultimately good for the environment. It is based on the principle of responsibility for the resources we use, whether we are talking about water, energy, plastic, textiles, paper, etc.

Regardless of our motivation - whether we want to help the environment or improve our health, here are some tips that will help us achieve our goal of adopting a truly eco lifestyle:

Reducing the consumption of water and electricity

Reducing water consumption helps to decrease emissions of wastewater and greenhouse gases, as well as the demand for the energy to clean it. Reducing electricity consumption reduces pollution from non-renewable energy sources. The first step for consumers may be the replacement of classic lamps in the house with those based on LEDs.

Adopting a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle

It has been proven that a vegetarian or vegan diet has many beneficial properties for the body, it helps us to be healthier and live longer. If it is difficult for us to completely abandon the consumption of meat, we can begin the transition to vegetarianism by reducing its daily consumption. In this way, many people managed to switch gradually to a vegetarian lifestyle.

It is also important to buy vegetables, fruits and other products from domestic producers, because by supporting them, we contribute not only to the development of the economy in the region, but also to combat environmental pollution, avoiding the import and transportation of these products from other countries. As far as possible, we should choose organic/ ecological food products that have been certified, as well as traditional Moldovan products. They are safer, more nutritious, do not contain genetically modified organisms, pesticide residues, chemical fertilizers, or any other chemical and synthetic substances.

Use of public transportation or bicycles

We constantly complain about traffic jams in Chisinau, however, there is great solution for this problem. Why not leave the car at home and use public transportation or a bicycle, which can also help us avoid a sedentary lifestyle.

Fewer bags

Instead of buying three plastic bags at the supermarket, it is better to take along a reusable one. Instead of buying coffee or cappuccino glasses daily, it is better to take our own heat-insulating mug from home. It is better to buy tea in large boxes instead of bags, for cereal products we should also choose larger packages. It is important to avoid the use of plastic, because today it is considered one of the most polluting materials due to its extremely slow biodegradation. It would be advisable to shop in paper or textile bags.


Unfortunately, the sad truth is that each of us produces 1 to 2 kg of waste every day. This is why recycling is so important. First of all, we must learn to separate recyclable waste: glass, plastic, paper and metal, especially that in our city we have the opportunity to throw them in separate garbage cans.

Use of online services

We significantly reduce paper consumption and eliminate endless queues by paying for our utilities online. Also the purchase of air tickets, of tickets for various shows and events online are a good way to reduce paper usage and protect the environment.

An eco-friendly lifestyle helps us save money

It is believed that people tend to consume an exaggerated amount of food and often buy unnecessary things, this is why it is important to buy exactly what we strictly need. Starting with food (which we allocate at least 40% of monthly income), and continuing with clothes, household appliances and goods that are in trend, we spend almost all the money we earn, even though, in long term, they could be used more rationally. For example, by excluding our vices, we can save up to 7% of our monthly earnings, and by eliminating meat from our consumption will lead to a 20 percent decrease in the monthly expenditures for food products.

Of course, an eco-friendly lifestyle is a large and controversial subject, but the most important thing is our desire and our will to gradually move towards a coexistence in harmony with the environment.