513 is a well known restaurant in the center of Chisinau. It is a perfect location to serve a glass of wine with friends, eat something tasty with your family, listen to good music or have fun at the concerts that are occasionally organized here. At 513, we were greeted by the manager of Victoria Vasilache who answered us several questions on the menu of the restaurant.

What is the specific character of Your establishment and for what kind of audience it is intended?

The name 513 reflects an image that would anchor us to the past time, it represents a perfect place you can visit with your gang and have some quality time, a place with warm atmosphere suitable for the family. These factors, along with the unique design are the specific features of our restaurant. As for the kitchen,here there are also several specific features, like the use the same ingredients in a more unique form, for example in warm salads, or in a our special steak... As to the music… there are seven notes, you just should know how to combine them. However, the public is the one that make the place special.

What dishes from Your cuisine would You recommend?

Thai salad, many people visit us especially for that dish, or the stitching steak and cow soup.

What do you think about a Romanian / Moldovan cuisine? Does Your establishment prepare anything from typical local cuisine?

There are some Moldovan dishes in our menu, due to the fact that people are accustomed to a style of food and it makes sense to promote local style and "taste of home". We have traditional soup (zeama), mamaliga with fish and pork. As you can see there are a few national dishes.

What domestic products do you use in your dishes?

We find most of our ingredients in the country, majority of them are local. But there are dishes where you can not only use local ingredients, however, about 60-70% of them are covered by domestic products.

What is Your opinion about the quality of Moldovan alimentary products?

As elsewhere in the world, the quality of the same product may differ. We strive to choose from a range of offered products, the best one, as well as we do with foreign cheeses, that are of different quality, but anyway we try choose the best.

Why there aren’t any domestic juices in your menu?

First of all there is a low diversity of juices and secondly the low quality of this product. Among Moldovan juices you can find mostly apple, prune and tomato juice. There is also a problem of management and marketing of local producers, who do not promote enough their products in Chisinau’s restaurants. No one ever comes to promote their products and propose us to sell it in our establishment.

With what local companies/ manufacturers do You cooperate most often?

There are the several wine producers that we work directly with. These are Chateau Vartely, Purcari, Et Cetera. As for the supply of food, we work with distributors.

What is your favorite domestic product?

I would recommend the TARABOSTE line from Chateau Vartely.

NB: At 513 we can often meet actors, directors, musicians ... it is a place with a truly select audience.